Follow Up to Young Working Saints Retreat

May 6, 2015 | Posted by weilunc5 in Uncategorized
Dear saints,
We are writing to all the registrants of the recent Young Working Saints retreat, but this email is intended for all the working saints (those aged 25 to 50) in Northern California, including those who did not make the retreat.
The retreat this past weekend was a “historic” time, in which the Lord released a strong burden to all the working saints on our need to be numbered and formed into an army for the Lord’s present move. As a follow up to the retreat, Brother Minoru outlined some specific steps that the working saints can take to respond to the strong burden released this past weekend. These include:
  • Review the Recent Messages
    • Our brother encouraged us to review the conference messages in groups of twos and threes
    • The audio files of the messages are available at youngworkingsaints.org/media
  • Complete Reading and Study Assignments
    • Our brother also encouraged us to complete the reading and study assignments he gave during the retreat
    • This is also best done in groups of twos and threes
Below is the list of the ministry portions that Brother Minoru suggested for our reading and study (grouped by general topics):
  • Concerning the Working Saints
    • Messages Given to the Working Saints
    • All Ages for the Lord’s Testimony
  • Concerning Service
    • The Normal Way of Fruit-bearing and Shepherding for the Building Up of the Church
    • Talks Concerning the Church Services (Part 1)
    • Talks Concerning the Church Services (Part 2)
    • The Character of the Lord’s Worker, ch. 2, “A Lover of Men”
  • Concerning Psalm 68
    • All the footnotes on Psalm 68 in the Recovery Version of the Bible
    • Christ and the Church as Revealed and Typified in the Psalms, ch. 10, “Christ’s Attainment in His Ascension for the Building of God’s House”
    • How to Meet, ch. 14, “By Praising Out of the Experiences of Christ”
    • Life-study of the Psalms, msg. 27, “Christ as the Center of God’s Move on the Earth (1)”
    • Life-study of the Psalms, msg. 28, “Christ as the Center of God’s Move on the Earth (2)”
  • Concerning Sisters
    • The Serving Sisters in the Church Life
    • The Loving Mothers in the Church Life
During the retreat, our brother also mentioned a time-management schedule that he put together to help the saints in budgeting their time for the Lord. We have included the schedule in the attached file.​​
May the Lord richly bless us all in our receiving and retaining the word spoken to us during the retreat, so that we may all be formed into an army for His present move.
The coordinating brothers

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