The New Training Center in Mexico City

August 7, 2017 | Posted by jamesshau in Uncategorized

Please designate your giving for “The New Training Center in Mexico City” to the Church in Anaheim, or to the Church in Cupertino.

Details in

[A few summary points from the video:
The New Full-time Training Center in Mexico City.

  • Right next to UNAM, the most important university in Mexico…
  • Purchased in 2015. To model and to start using it 2021.
  • Current facility 80 trainees, no housing.
  • New facility: 160 trainees, industrial kitchen, more classrooms/rooms, libraries, open spaces, housing for sisters, offices, bookstore and parking. Safe neighborhood.
  • 45 min drive from airport.
  • [Churches in Mexico] invested 3 millions to purchase and remodel it; it requires another 2.6 millions; able to provide for 1.3million; still 1.3 million short.
  • The plan to start remodeling in October, 2019


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