UK Building Fund

August 7, 2017 | Posted by jamesshau in Uncategorized
UK Building Fund (Nov.2017 / On-going)
Video of the Special fellowship during the Thanksgiving conference: (or register/log on lsmwebcast.com-> Recent conference -> Special Fellowship) first some 30 minutes on the Lord’s recent Move in Germany and then the fellowship on the need of UK building fund to prepare the training facility for “5,000 young Germans who see the vision of God’s economy and give themselves for it.UK Building Project PageGiving information

    • Saints in Cupertino could make check payable to The Church In Cupertino with “UK Building Fund” in the memo.
    • If you have the heart but do not have the saving, the special fellowship encourage us to give regularly by saving small amounts, e.g. $2.5 for a cup of coffee weekly. You can set up a small amount of recurring giving accordingly following the instructions in the page (Note: currently the PayPal button there does not seem to allow us to specify the giving to LME as for UK Building Fund. You can achieve it by using the form below “To submit a restricted recurring donation …” in this other page.)



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